China’s Realme smartphones to roll out in Egypt early 2019

Chinese smartphone maker Realme will launch in Egypt by next January a number of smartphones combines between the powerful performance and stylish design for young people.

Egypt has one of the leading markets in the field of smartphones, the Chinese firm said on Wednesday.

Realme said it is preparing to achieve a breakthrough in the Egyptian market by offering a selection of smartphone versions, ranging in features and prices. These different phone versions will combine quality, style, strength, and technological development and prices suitable for different categories of users.

By providing the youth the combination between value versus money, Realme hopes to offer a one of a kind phone tailored just for them.

The trademark of Realme smartphones in China was officially launched on May 4 by Sky Li, the founder and former vice president of OPPO, to incorporate a group of the world’s most talented young people specialising in the smartphone industry.

As part of Realme’s efforts to attain a remarkable start in Egypt, the Chinese company has selected a distinguished calibre of youth in the field. The company chose Andro Nabil as the Public Relations Manager and official spokesperson for the company in Egypt. Nabil also previously held a number of leadership positions, most notably the former Public Relations and Communications Manager of OPPO in Africa and the Middle East.

The Realme1 phones were widely deployed in India in May due to the power of the phone, its outstanding performance and its modern design. In September, the company also launched Realme 2, Realme 2 Pro, and Realme C1. Realme phones also ranked second in the monthly sales of smartphone online trade in India.

Realme phones have been very successful in six of the world’s most powerful markets, notably India and the South East Asian market. In order to prepare to enter the Middle East through the Egyptian market, Realme is launching a high-end specs device with mid-range prices to suit the purchasing power of young people.

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