CIS Chairman: Elections Are Not Forged

Abdel Monem Bakheet, chairman of Cooperative Insurance Society-Egypt, criticized some employees at CIS who claimed that elections of senior membership at CIS Board of Directors were forged. These elections resulted in the victory of Dr. Ali Shaker, head of insurance department at Faculty of Commerce in Cairo University, and Nazhy Ghalioum, former managing director at Iskan Insurance Company.

Social Fund for Development, who received the complaint from the employees, sent a representative at the elections which were subject also to judicial supervision; therefore it is impossible that the elections would be forged.

Asked about summoning some of members at the general assembly to elect certain candidates, Bakheet said that every candidate has the right to call on his supporters to vote for him.

Some of CIS’s employees including Moahmed El-Sabe, former managing director at CIS and former candidate for senior membership, submitted a complaint for Ghada Wali, general secretary of Social Fund for Development and representative of the Fund at CIS’s Board of Directors, against CIS’s Board accusing them of forging elections of senior membership at CIS.