City Edge, Tazkarti deal to develop entertainment services in Egypt’s New Alamein

Egypt’s real estate developer City Edge has signed a cooperation protocol with Egyptians for Marketing Services, “Tazkarti”, one of United Media Services Companies, to develop entertainment services in New Alamein City, Egypt Today reported on Saturday.

Mohamed Al-Mekkawi, CEO of City Edge, and from Tazkarti, Montaser Al Nabrawi, Chairman and Managing Director, signed the protocol that was witnessed by Ashraf Salman, Chairman of the Board of Directors of City Edge.

City Edge assigns Tazkarti to be responsible for new city of Alamein, and the planning, operating, managing, implementing, and developing beaches in the city.

Besides, Tazkarti will be tasked with establishing and equipping restaurants, cafes, and all security, guarding and contracting services required for the project.

Tazkarti will also be responsible for all recreational activities within the new city of Alamein, which includes holding parties, as well as its responsibility for preparing, designing and implementing smart management of the city from electronic agtes, surveillance cameras…etc.

According to this protocol, is fully responsible for the new city of Alamein, planning, implementing, managing, operating and developing beaches in the city for my ticket company, as well as the work of setting up and equipping restaurants and cafes, and all insurance, guarding, and contracting required for these services in the project.

Mohamed Al-Makkawi, CEO of City Edge said: “This protocol for joint action came after adequate studies that we carried out in City Edge for companies operating in the marketing and entertainment services sector, which led to the selection of Tazkarti company because of its technical, financial and human capabilities that enable it to deal with this business and services to the fullest.”

“Our responsibility in City Edge regarding a large and important national project the size of the new two-city work is necessary for us to investigate the accuracy of choosing a business partner who has the ability to implement the vision of the aspiring state in creating new societies on the latest models of global cities, and thus, our choice fell on a company My ticket, which we saw in its previous work proves that it is the appropriate business partner for this pioneering national project, with the global methods it adopts based on the latest marketing studies.”

Montaser Al Nabrawy, head of Tazkarti, expressed his aspiration to cooperate with City Edge after signing the protocol of understanding between the two sides. He stressed that Tazkarti Company always seeks to cooperate with entities that ensure entertainment content in the best form and highes level, to meet the wishes of the Egyptian public.

The head of my ticket company stressed that the Egyptian state is keen on developing cities and support internal and external tourism, including the city of Alamein, which City Edge oversees its administration, that’s why, Tazkarti is keen to provide its services in this regard in line with the perspective of the new city of Alamein to become a tourist city throughout the year and not only during the summer season.

It is also aimed to a destination for tourists from all over the world.

Al-Nabrawi pledged that “Tazkarti will provide all the capabilities necessary to help the Egyptian state in its developmental works, which will provide many job opportunities for youth, and increase the destinations that tourists from all over the world in Egypt, through organizing parties and entertainment events for Egyptian, Arab and foreign audiences.”

New Alamein city is the jewel of the crown among more than 24 new cities, including the New Administrative Capital, the New Mansoura city, western Qena city and West Assiut city and others, all of which are built to provide a new and different form of life for its residents, depending on clean energy and friendly-building materials for the environment, and equipped with all modern security means based on the use of technology.

City Edge, Tazkarti sign cooperation protocol to develop recreational services in New Alamein City
(Photo Credit: Egypt Today)
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