Communication companies invest $700 Billion in Developing the Infrastructure

Mr. Ghassan Hasbani -The Saudi CEO in STC for international operations- shared on the sideline of  ” ArabNet Digital Conference 2012 ”   in its 3rd period that held in Beirut for five straight days from 29 to 30 March 2012, with the presence of 150 participants from the Middle East and the globe in a CEO supervisory sessions, that comprised a number of Key articles.

Digital content and electronic applications are the top concerned topics, with the elaborated techniques to keep support and sustain for their growth through giant communication companies in the region.

Mr.Hasbani stressed that launching  “interactive T.V ” recently, considered as a main drive to practice using broadband application   that enhance remarkable  competence   in all  STC sectors in optimum standards .

He revealed that despite the  high cost of   the digital  content , STC didn’t hesitate to make it available with  best quality to serve  its customers   , because it  is a vivid and precious source for STC  . Moreover, STC launched “Brave Fund” to revive small establishments, as Zawya stated.

He declared that the investment for communication companies in the infrastructure around the globe will reach 700 billion dollar in the coming three years due to business digital revolution that became popular in many countries around us.


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