Immigration, Terrorism … ways to press on US Administration

In a conference held today in Economy and Political Sciences College, the spokesmen called for pressuring on the US in order to restructure Egypt’s relation with America in a way that benefits the two sides.

Dr Mohamed Salman, member of Egyptian Council for Foreign Affairs (ECFA), during the conference, said that Egypt should threaten the US by doing away without its aids concern anti-terrorism in Middle East and facing illegal immigration; as a big number of poor countries’ people move into rich countries, such as America. This negatively affect on the Native American citizen’s standard of living.

He added that America should know the causalities of breaking the Egyptian relations in order to restructure its relations with Egypt in a way that benefit that two sides, not only the United State.


On his side, Dr Mohamed Moutaw’a, professor of political sciences, said that Egypt wasn’t against the American interests in Egypt.


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