Crucial Decisions To Solve Producers’ Problems, Boost Exports; Minister

Egypt’s minister of foreign trade, industry and SMEs, Mounir Fakhry Abdel Nour, declared that the ministry will prioritize improving the system of the national economy by providing the right climate to lure local and foreign investment and improve the competitiveness of the local products and supplying the skilled labor according to AlAhram gate.

Abdel Nour added that the ministry have been assigned handling the Small and Medium Enterprises sector which is a very important sector affecting the Egyptian economy.

He added that the ministry will look into all the problems and obstacles facing industrial development and will find solutions to create an attractive climate for investment in the industrial and trade sectors.

Regarding the ministry’s vision for the development of the foreign trade, the minister announced that the ministry is striving to improve the balance of trade in Egypt with other countries around the world by increasing the exports, reducing the imports and activating the trade agreements including the Arab free trade agreement and COMESA.

Source : Arab finance