Daheeh episode on Palestine translated to Hebrew

Youtube show Daheeh new episode on the history of Palestine is now available for streaming with Hebrew translation.

The episode is the most successful in the show, making more than 13 million views in seven days.

It tells the full history of the Palestinian land and how it was stolen more than seven decades ago.

It tells the story of mass killings such as the one in Tantoura in 1948 which killed more than 200 innocent civilians.

According to modern research, the bodies of these victims are buried in a mass grave under a parking lot to an Israeli resort.

The episode also discusses myths created by the Israeli regime such as the notion that Palestine was “a land with no people, to a people with no land,”

In the episode, Ahmed El-Ghandour, the host, cites various sources including a number of Israeli sources.

The episode is available with subtitles in Arabic, English, Hebrew, Italian, and Spanish.

El-Ghandour studied Biology at the American University in Cairo (AUC) and started his show “Daheeh” in 2014, to discuss science, history, and theories.

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