Data employees threaten to sit-in in at NBE’s headquarter next Sunday

154 of the employees working in data updating unit in National bank of Egypt (NBE) warned that they would hold a sit-in in front of the NBE’s headquarter branch next Sunday, as they demand to be appointed after NBE decides to fire them, because they failed in NBE’s exams.

The employees, who worked for 2 years at NBE with a salary of EGP 700, said that they will not hold this sit-in, if their problem is resolved as the Cabinet asked NBE to inform the first about the employees’ problem. NBE is expected to answer the Cabinet by the end of the current weak. However, NBE’s employees say that the prime minister promised them many times before to solve their problem, but nothing has happened.

The employees said that Tarek Amer, president of NBE, promised them in the beginning of past February to make these exams for them again, and whoever pass, he will be appointed for a period not exceeding 6 months.

Some of the employees asked the Human Resources manager about the date of exams, but he informed them that 50% of the employees, whose contract is terminated, failed and there will be no exams afterwards. This made the employees hold a sit-in in front of the Cabinet demanding to return to their jobs, or they will hold a sit-in in front of NBE’s headquarter branch.