Daylight Saving to be Applied in Egypt Starting Friday

Daylight saving time will be re-applied in Egypt starting Friday at 12am, according to an earlier statement by government spokesman Hossam El-Qeish.

Starting Friday 16 May, Egypt will switch to summer time by adjusting the clock one hour forward. The change will be lifted during Ramadan, however.

In April 2011, the cabinet headed by then-prime minister Essam Sharaf endorsed a decree cancelling daylight saving time.

Daylight saving time was first adopted in Egypt in 1988 as a way to reduce electricity consumption. The electricity and energy ministry later submitted a study to the cabinet revealing that implementing daylight saving time had no impact in this regard.

In Egypt, the standard time is GMT (UTC) + 2 and so GMT + 3 during daylight savings time.

 Source:Al-Ahram Online