DeFacto launches sports collection from recycled materials

Turkish fashionwear DeFacto has launched a significant activewear collection of sweatshirt and sweatpants made from recycled plastic materials like water bottles as part of the company’s efforts to help preserving the environment, according to its statement on Tuesday.

This action is a part of DeFacto’s commitment to rationalise using raw materials, water, energy and natural resources by relying on a sustainable strategy and use recycled materials, the statement added.

Moreover, the global fashion brand presents the essential sports style pieces with DeFactoFit that offers crop sweatshirt, which competes to be the most popular athletic workout pieces, in vibrant neon colours.

The new collection includes a variety of seamless fabrics for leggings and bras models designed for yoga and comfortable workouts using pastel colours of pink, earthy, blue, grey, and green.

DeFactoFit women’s collection also included warmtech winter clothing to overcome the cold weather by top hoodies and wide-leg sports trousers that fit all sizes, the statement mentioned.


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