DMX Egypt Sees Digital Marketing Investments worth EGP17 billion in 2017

Chairman of Digital Marketing Experts (DMX)- Egypt Mr. Haitham Helmi said his company is aiming to spread marketing culture through a number of strategic axes, which the company will begin in circulating and marketing for the companies operating in the market during the current year interaction with users and obvious differences between them previously and currently at the top, stressing that Egypt is a candidate to join the ranks of the major countries in e-marketing services by 2017.

Helmi told Amwal Al Ghad Arabic’s website that the volume of e-marketing via internet in Egypt reached EGP500 million within the last year, expecting that the market will double Three times during the current year becoming EGP1.5 billion at the end of 2014.

Helmi expected that the growth rates of digital marketing industry revenues will be doubled 3 times to up EGP1 billion and EGP500 million by the end of 2014, meanwhile boosting Egypt’s digital marketing investments will become EGP17billion by 2017, stressing that despite the challenges which are facing the industry in the domestic market, lack of awareness regarding the importance of allocating strong budgets for digital marketing until the rate will not exceed 5% , but it is expected that these rates will increase to attain from 10-15% this year.

Helmi described Egypt as one of the 10 global prominent markets in terms of ICT’s growth speed, through the local investments volume, develop infrastructure and allure global investments.

He said DMX seeks to provide integrated Consultants in the field of digital marketing to serve the market and tries to fill the gap between workers’ needs in Egypt and the global developments in marketing, stressing that his company has actually addressed around 85 firms operating in the domestic market to set up integrated strategy.

According to DMX’s expansion abroad, Helmi confirmed that his company will seek within the upcoming phase to spread its services in 4-5 neighboring Arab countries, depending on clearly  prevalence that achieved by DM Arts and IT vision firms.

Furthermore, he added that DMX- specialized in extending advise and services in field of digital marketing announced launching its operations start in Egypt under EGP9 million investments by the early of next February.