6 Firms Get RFP for National Broadband Tender, Says Egypt’s Teleco Watchdog

Eng. Hesham Alayli CEO of National Telecommunication Regulatory Authority (NTRA) said 6 global and domestic firms moved away RFP which related to the requirements and specifications of broadband project tender after two weeks from offering.

Alayli expected that NTRA will finalize the outstanding measures of broadband project within two months, noting that the implementation of the project will be by May to provide 1600 government facilities for high-speed Internet access at speeds of 20 MB per second.

Alayli explained that the pilot project of the first phase of high-speed internet comes among series national projects.

The project aims to raise the efficiency of the main necessary structure in order to provide high-speed internet services to about 1600 facilities that affiliated to governmental ministries and parties with 20 MB speed per second including (educational –health- scientific research-justice-agriculture- civil aviation-Manpower-Irrigation and Water Resources) in addition to Public Prosecution across governorates.