DP World signs deal to restart livestock facility in Egypt’s Ain al-Sokhna

DP World Sokhna, part of Dubai’s ports operator DP World, signed on Monday a multi-year agreement with Egypt’s International Meat Capital to restart the livestock facility in the canal city of Ain al​-Sokhna.

Under the agreement, DP World Sokhna will receive livestock-carrying ships and manage the transport of International Meat Capital’s livestock to the facility with specialised vehicles in accordance with the highest international standards and animal welfare protocols.

The facility, which has a total area of 211,000 square metres, comprises a veterinary quarantine area, as well as product processing and packaging units that will be implemented in the second phase of the project.

The first phase is targeting 37,000 heads of livestock annually, with the aim of reaching 90,000 annually by the second phase, DP said in a statement.

The agreement was signed by Gerard van den Heuvel, DP World Egypt country manager and chief executive for DP World Sokhna; and Mamdouh Abbas, chairman of Intro Group – the parent company of International Meat Capital.

“The restart of the livestock facility and our agreement with the International Meat Capital livestock to provide logistics services will further enhance the role of Ain Sokhna Port as a key trade enhancer in the region.” DP’s Gerard van den Heuvel said.

“Once operational, the facility will be a great example of our aim to become a trade enhancer and to help contribute to Egypt’s high-quality food security while supporting the growth of the economy and creating new jobs.” Gerard added.

Meanwhile, Intro Group’s Mamdouh Abbas, said: “We are very happy to add the livestock sector to our group’s portfolio, which also includes energy and renewable energy, real estate development, food and beverages, healthcare services as well as direct investments.

“This new sector will be established by incorporating the new “International Meat Capital Company” into the group, in cooperation with DP World Sokhna, a business unit of one of the largest marine terminal operators in the world.”

“This agreement will activate the facilities that were previously established by DP World Sokhna, which they have worked on developing and upgrading to meet the highest international standards to provide fresh meat products.” Abbas added.

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