DP World Sokhna: Integrated supply chain for Egyptian sugar

Egypt is in the middle of a massive leap in sugar production, amounting to 2.6 million tonnes each year.  While it currently sustains more than 90 percent of Egypt’s needs, it could also become a key export.  Large government investments show the faith that the country has in the industry, and the Port of Ain Sokhna is ready to handle this increase in production and export.

To remain competitive, enterprises that serve large markets must continuously improve the efficiency of logistics operations between supply chain collaborators.  Clients expect services that are cost-effective, accurate, and sustainable.  It is imperative that logistics services help to meet these expectations.  For years, the logistics and supply chain sector has shifted towards more integrated solutions for clientele.  At the centre of this is the concept of a ‘one-stop-shop’, where packaging, storage, administrative processes, and delivery all come together to cut down on waiting times, improve delivery functionality, and, ultimately, lower costs.

This trend in integrated supply chain is not likely to change any time soon.  Therefore, DP World Sokhna has created its own one-stop-shop.  By leveraging our strategically placed centre of operations at the Port of Ain Sokhna, and implementing new infrastructure and digital solutions, we can adhere to these new market conditions.

Already, DP World Sokhna is established as a primary gateway to the Red Sea and is handling cargo transiting through one of the world’s busiest commercial waterways.  The port is at the heart of one of the most vitally important East-West trade routes, which is why DP World has insisted on only the most cutting-edge technology and integrated port management approaches.

A prime example of how DP World Sokhna has committed to benefiting its clientele is the way we handle the vast amount of sugar being exported through our port each year.

Using port centric logistics, we currently deliver an integrated supply chain for the United Sugar Company of Egypt (USCE), through the creation of a one-stop-shop for importing raw material, manufacturing the sugar, and exporting it.

This is an opinion-editorial by Gerard van den Heuvel, Chief Executive Officer of DP World Sokhna and General Manager of DP World Egypt.

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