Eastern Company Profits rise by 19.2 pct end June 2015

The profits of Eastern Company S.E.A -a joint stock company- increased by 19.2% during the fiscal year 2014-15, company’s business results indices showed Sunday.

Eastern Company, a subsidiary to the Chemical Industries Holding Company, has obtained net profits worth 1.08 billion Egyptian pounds in FY 2014-15 compared to 908.8 million Egyptian pounds in FY 2014-13.

The indices stated that the company attained annual revenues estimated at 7.1 billion Egyptian pounds during FY 2014-15 compared to 6.1 billion Egyptian pounds in FY 2013-14.

During the first nine months of FY2014-15, Eastern Company has achieved net profits worth 841.8 million Egyptian pounds opposed to 704.7 million Egyptian pounds at the same period of FY 2013-14.

Eastern Company’s capital is estimated at EGP 750 million distributed over 50 million shares, at a nominal value of LE15 per share.