EGAS to increase natural gas output by 11.3 bcf/d in 2022

The Egyptian Natural Gas Holding Company (EGAS)plans to increase Egypt’s natural gas production to 4.8bn cubic feet daily (scf/day) by 2022.

Thus, EGAS would boost total natural gas output  to 11.3 bn cubic feet  by 2022 driven by number of existing projects and planned projects until 2022.

According to a source with knowledge the oil  sector is currently implementing new projects and preparing to start establishing new projects among its plan to develop the gas fields. Thus, the oil sector is currently carrying out 19 projects to produce between 4.5 and 4.8 cubic feets per day.

The source further the sector has succeeded in implementing new projects were connected to production during 2018, such as Zohr, Nawras, North Alexandria and 9B, and have contributed to increasing Egypt’s natural gas production.

However, the development of gas fields during the past  four years contributed to the gradual increase in production, reaching unprecedented levels and  bringing the total current production of natural gas to about 6.5 billion cubic feet per day.