Egg Prices High As Easter Approaches

Easter is a pleasant day for people of all ages to enjoy springtime, outdoor activities and certain authentic foods that are not available all year long. As well as colored eggs and the chocolate bunnies, Egyptians have their own special way of celebrating.

Mothers often start the Easter’s day by coloring eggs with their kids. Breakfast consists of eggs, feseekh (salted fish), molouha and herring. Tea usually follows the meal to help digestion.

As Easter approaches,  egg prices have become higher than usual reached EGP 19 on Saturday, compared to EGP 18 last week.

According to the Egyptian Poultry Association’s indicative prices, the egg prices have witnessed a rise of EGP 1 for the package.

Dr. Abdul Aziz Al Sayed, the head of poultary division, said that the rise in egg prices is due to  the high demand for egg buying to celebrate the Easter on Monday.

Al Sayed expected that the egg prices will witness a decline by the end of the week.

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