EGX flourishes in Feb, earns L.E41.7 Billion

The EGX has managed to earn L.E41.7 billion during February’s trading sessions. Therefore, the capital market has reached L.E386.767 billion. In February, the EGX’s indicators have witnessed a rise as the EGX30 has increased by 15.1% to close at 5.350p. EGX70 and EGX100 have also managed to rise as EGX70 has recorded an increase of 11.86% to close at 516p. The EGX100 has risen by 15.26% to close at 868p.

During February, the total turnovers have approximately amounted to L.E13.8 billion and the volume of trading has reached around 3.458 million shares within 754 transactions, compared to total turnovers of L.E7 billion and volume of trading reached 1.723 million shares within 400 thousand transactions conducted during January.

Excluding the deals made, the Egyptians have recorded 77.72% of the total market, while the foreigners have seized 16.08% and the Arabs had 6.20%.

Excluding the deals made during the month, foreigners have achieved net sales of L.E594.17 million, while Arabs have made net purchases of L.E40.81 million.

The institutions have seized 35.97% of the EGX’s trading. The individuals have made 64.03% of the trading. The institutions have recorded net sales of L.E394.54 million this month after excluding the deals made.