Egypt awaits a clarification after Kenya imposes 25% tariffs on Egyptian exports

Kenya violates COMESA free trade agreement.

The Kenyan government has imposed 25-percent tariff on Egyptian exports in violation of the COMESA free trade agreement in violation of the Comesa trade agreement, while the Egyptian side is waiting for the Kenyan response to its query on the former decision.

The Egyptian government needs a clarification so it would put a plan in cooperation with the Federation of Egyptian Industries to mitigate the impact of the decision on Egyptian exporters, a source with knowledge told Amwal Al Ghad

The sources added that the tariffs have been imposed on the exports of other countries as well.

Egypt’s Trade and Industry Ministry has asked the prime minister’s office to send a delegation to Kenya to address the issue.

The Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA) free trade area was founded in 1994 and has 21 member states. Egypt signed the treaty in 1998 and started exempting fellow members from tariffs in 1999.