Egypt dedicates hotline to protect endangered species

The Egyptian Ministry of Environment’s dedicated hotline has become an indispensable asset, rescuing a significant number of animals under threat.

In reaction to the growing illegal trade of endangered species and birds, the Ministry of Environment set up a hotline in 2022, urging people to report any unlawful activities, particularly those involving rare wildlife. Up to this point, the hotline has been instrumental in saving the lives of numerous animals.

The hotline has prompted immediate action from Biodiversity Management under the slogan “Be Positive to Protect Wildlife,” guaranteeing the rescue and subsequent release of animals into their natural environments to reestablish ecological equilibrium.

On December 5th, the Environmental Affairs Agency in Alexandria responded to reports of endangered falcons being sold near the Greek Club, near the Qaytbay Citadel.
A swift joint action was taken by the Ministry of Environment’s Natural Reserves Sector, the Alexandria branch of the Environmental Affairs Agency, and the Environmental and Water Police.
It was found that the two falcons belong to a species listed in Appendix I of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) agreement.

On November 27, the Ministry of Environment and the Border Guard led a significant operation in Port Said to combat the illegal trade of wild animals and birds, as they intercepted a vehicle carrying 60 flamingos at the entrance of the Port Said tunnel.

The Ashtoum El Gameel Reserve took in the flamingos and released them into the largest group of flamingos in Port Said.

Meanwhile, legal actions concerning this incident are being pursued.

The Port Said Governorate and the Ashtoum El Gameel Reserve are vital to the migration paths of many bird species, especially flamingos. The presence and migration of flamingos in these areas underscore the importance of habitat conservation.

Selling, trading, or owning these birds violates international agreements and Article 28 of the Environmental Law, which forbids such actions without the appropriate licences.

People can report these incidents via the official hotline 19808 or through WhatsApp at 01222693333. A central operations room is in place to swiftly handle the complaints received on a daily basis.

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