Egypt detects 12 new coronavirus cases on a Nile cruise coming from Aswan

Egypt has said it has detected 12 new coronavirus cases on “a Nile cruise ship coming from Aswan to Luxor,” bringing the total number of cases observed in the country to 15.

The detection came after information from WHO that a Taiwanese-American tourist, who was on board the cruise, had tested positive after returning home earlier this month.

She has been confirmed as an index case, a first documented patient in the onset of an epidemiological investigation carried out by Egypt on the cruise ship.

Egypt had previously provided, in an epidemiological inquiry into recent reported cases in several countries, a breakdown of the nationalities of passengers who were aboard the ship from 5-19 February, including 11 from France, 31 from the US, seven from Canada, three from China, two from Malaysia and one from Bangladesh.