Egypt engineering exports tapping into new markets in Africa in 2016

Egypt’s Engineering Export Council (EEC) is seeking to open up new markets for the country’s exports, notably in Africa, as part of its strategy for 2016, chairman Amr Abofrekha said Thursday.

Abofrekha further told Amwal Al Ghad that the council is conducting studies to solve the main obstacles facing the Egyptian engineering industry exports.

The council is set to carry out expansions in Africa for the coming three year, in coordination with the Egyptian Exporters Association – Expolink, which is responsible for organising exhibitions for Egyptian productions in African markets.

Egyptian Exporters Association – Expolink (EEA) is a non for profit private sector association, founded in 1997 by the Egyptian private sector.

The council aims to have new markets in East Africa region, notably Kenya, in addition to West Africa, especially in Côte d’Ivoire, the Central Asia region, in Kazakhstan, and Eastern Europe, in Romania, the Egyptian official added.

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