Egypt Eyes 5-6% Economic Growth for Next 3 Years– Minister

Minister of Finance Hany Kadry Dimian revealed on Tuesday that the government is aiming to restore investor confidence in Egypt’s economy that was heavily battered after uprisings more than three and half years go.

Kadry added in a keynote speech at Euromoney’s 19th Annual Conference Cairo on Tuesday in Cairo, that the local economic witnessed improvement in the last year, noting that the government is seeking 5-6% economic growth over the next three years.

in addition to, the government eyes 3% economic growth for this fiscal year, compared with 2% in the last year, Kadry asserted.
The government will complete its economic reform steps through reforming the subsidy system and expanding tax base, along with shifting to value added tax, he said.

Egypt will launch mega projects like the new Suez Canal project, in addition to the reclamation of 4 million feddans, in a bid to allure investors.

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