Egypt in talks with Chinese firms to carry out Cairo Metro line 6

Egypt’s Ministry of Transport has started negotiations with some Chinese firms over carrying out Cairo Metro’s sixth line project.

The sixth line project is set to be with investment cost worth 25 billion Egyptian pounds ($2.8 billion)

Additionally, the ministry is also in talks with Chinese authorities over injecting new investments in Egyptian road and bridge projects.

The completion date for the sixth line, which will be 24 kilometres in length, remains unclear. Egypt is still in the process of constructing the third metro line, which is set to be completed by 2020, and has not yet begun construction of the fourth and fifth lines.

The Cairo metro is used by millions to get around the bustling city. According to the BBC in 2013, four million people ride the metro on a daily basis at a cost of just 1.00 Egyptian ($US 0.13) per journey.

The metro plays an important role in combating Cairo’s traffic woes. A World Bank study recently found that Cairo’s infamous traffic costs Egypt 47 billion pounds (US$6.5 billion) annually and is expected to reach 105 billion pounds (US$14.6 billion) by 2030.

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