Egypt injects more coins into market during Eid Al-Adaha – ministry

Egypt’s Ministry of Finance has increased the amounts of small denomination coins pumped in the market by 30 percent during Eid Al-Adha’s four-day holiday.

The religious occasion runs from Friday until Monday. The ministry said in a statement on Friday the authority has substantial coins reserves that fulfil the market and citizens’ needs and facilitate the movement of sales and purchase.

“The production capacity of the country’s Treasury and Mint Authority has been increased by 50 percent since January, bringing the amount of the monthly-pumped coins to 30 million pounds to help provide all needs of both public and private sectors, including major commercial chains,” the statement quoted Hossam Khedr, the head of the authority as saying.

Khedr noted that all buildings and institutions belonging to the Treasury and Mint Authority have resumed activities at full capacity, with full compliance with all preventative measures.

He added that the authority’s buildings are being sanitised before and after working hours and all employees are adherent to wearing face masks while on duty, praising customers’ compliance with all precautions including wearing facemasks and keeping safe distance between one another.