Egypt launches new maritime cable Red2Med – minister

Egypt’s Ministry of Communications and Information Technology has inaugurated on Wednesday a new fully owned cable of Telecom Egypt company, Red2Med to transfer data between east and west, the minister Amr Talaat said in a statement.

The new cable is distinguished as the shortest, fastest, and most secure route, which starts from Ras Gharb landing point to Port Said landing point station in the Mediterranean Sea through the golden track in guides road that parallel to Suez Canal.

The statement added the new cable enhances Egypt’s position as a global data transfer centre and boosts the international telecommunications infrastructure in the country.

The minister also has raised the Egyptian flag upon the arrival of seaborne landing vessel at Ras Garb’s shore to announce the success of the new offshore cable landing process Red2Med.

The new marine cable aligned with the ministry’s plans to optimise the investment of the country’s unique geographical location.

Talaat thanked Telecom Egypt for their tireless efforts in the international maritime cable field, which has reached about 15 cables so far to serve international data traffic, the statement mentioned.



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