Egypt New Capital City’s power plant ‘70% complete’ – official

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Construction of the Egyptian new administrative capital city’s first power plant is progressing with construction works now 70 percent complete, according to an official in the Ministry of Electricity.

The anticipated power plant costs more than $3 billion, with total capacity of 4,800 megawatts, Moussa Omran, first Undersecretary of the Egyptian Ministry of Electricity, told Amwal Al Ghad on the sidelines of an oil conference EGYPS in Cairo on Wednesday.

Egypt unveiled plans for what it presented as a new administrative capital earlier at an economic development conference in March 2015.The city will be built east of Cairo, between Cairo and the planned Suez Canal hub north west of the Gulf of Suez.

It will include 1.1 million residential units to house five million inhabitants, as well as an administrative district on 1,000 acres of land, with a presidential palace, ministries, government bodies, and embassies, as well as a financial district, according to the plan.

The total cost of the project is estimated at $45 billion, and is expected to be completed in five to seven years.