Egypt puts updating tax management system first: min.

State’s political leadership attaches great importance to upgrading the tax management system, digitizing it along with unifying its measures, said Finance Minister Mohammed Ma’it.

Also, improving the business climate along with the human resources are prioritized by the state with a view to maximizing productivity and enhancing growth rates, Maait said during a meeting with the leaderships of the Egyptian Tax Authority (ETA).

The new unified management structure of the ETA is one of the paths towards enhancing the nation’s tax policy along with upgrading the legislative system through the proposed unified tax measures bill and amending the value added tax law.

The minister pointed out to directives issued by the political leadership to confront tax evasion which in turn will lead to maximizing public revenues as well as bringing down the budget deficit and the public debt.

President Abdel Fattah El Sisi offers all means of support to improve the tax performance, Maait said, adding that the president is closely following up the issue in order to remove all hindrances in this regard.

The Ministry of Finance is working on renovating the state’s tax system through tapping modern technologies and relying more on artificial intelligence to improve tax performance alongside establishing a date base of taxpayers’ transactions, minister Maait added.

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