Egypt Receives EU Delegation to Set New Strategy Ties

Senior sources have told Amwal Al Ghad that delegation from European Union (EU) and Ministry of International Cooperation’s officials met within the last week to review the strategic features between the both sides during the last period.

The sources said the negotiations include the seven programs that represent joint European Egyptian cooperation such as supporting Egypt’s institutions programs in which EU provided €97 million aids within the last period, explaining that the Ministry seeks in the upcoming phase to negotiate regarding additional finance for the next six years.

In December 2013, EU approved the European Neighborhood Policy (ENP) for the period ranging from 2014/2020 with €15.4 billion total finance.

The source added that it wasn’t agreed on aids package that Egypt’s government needs from EU, noting that the last period witnessed agreements on grants from EU worth €500 million for financing development projects in several sectors.

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