Egypt Seeks Libyan Deposit To Support Foreign Reserves

A high-level Egyptian delegation will discuss with the Libyan authorities about the possibility of receiving a deposit in order to strengthen the country’s foreign reserves after they fell to US$ 13.5 billion at the end of last February.

An official source told Amwal Al Ghad that the Egyptian delegation that headed to Libya today morning includes Counselor Hassan Yassin, assistant to the prosecutor general and head of technical office of the prosecutor, and Dr. Youssef El-Sharkawy, deputy assistant to the Minister of Foreign Affairs for Arab Maghreb and Libya Affairs, as well as a number of ministers to discuss the mutual economic affairs, most importantly the Libyan deposit.

The delegation will also discuss the possible methods for promoting mutual cooperation between both countries in the petroleum sector and will ask for supplying Egypt with diesel so as to face the current shortage. The delegation will seek the release of 15 Egyptian Christians detained in Libya for proselytizing.