Egypt sees its first virtual clinic application, DoctorOnline

Egypt launches its first virtual clinic application – DoctorOnline, providing patients with a fully integrated virtual clinic experience.

Through diverse features and solutions, the app is considered a revolutionary digital turnaround addressing Egypt’s challenges especially in the COVID-19 era. T

his application comes in consideration of the government’s 2030 vision and its efforts for enabling Egypt’s digital transformation across different spectrums and areas. On the other hand, DoctorOnline contributes to reducing the spread of COVID-19 pandemic and its infection rates while enhancing the capacity and building the infrastructure of Egypt’s medical services and moving towards digitizing Egypt’s health sector.

DoctorOnline offers a unique clinical virtual experience and connects Egyptian patients with the best-in-class medical practitioners and doctors from all specialties not only in Egypt but worldwide.

The application includes a number of Egypt’s top doctors and practitioners covering various fields, including; Dr. Mahmoud Abdel Hakim, professor of Urology and founder of Prosta-care Center, Dr. Mohamed Ghandour, consultant pediatrician and Hereditary Hematologist and founder of the City-Clinic Center, Dr. Ahmed El-Gendy consultant Cardiologist and Dr. Shaima Abdel Moaty, nutrition practitioner.

In this occasion, Dr. Mahmoud Abdel Hakim – the founder of DoctorOnline and Prosta-care center, stated: “We believe that technology is playing a crucial role in digitally developing all sectors, including the healthcare industry. It is our pleasure to launch one of the top medical applications in Egypt, which we believe will create a quantum leap in Egypt’s medical and healthcare solutions, offering potential patients a number of unique services and giving them access to doctors from all around the globe. The application comes in line with the government’s 2030 vision and its efforts towards transforming Egypt’s digital practices.”