Egypt to need 10 mln occupations in 2020

The former minister of manpower Ahmed Alborai said that Egypt needs to save 10 million occupations in 2020, according to the numbers of the labor market’s studies and statistics.

In an interview with “CNN” today, he said that saving 10 million occupations in 2020 is a big problem for Egypt; especially after the revolution as we need to the investments.

There are millions of unemployed in the Arab Countries, and the problem Egypt face is that 51% of Egyptian people are under 35 years, Alborai added.

He continued saying, “I read in the newspapers that the Libyan minister of manpower was in Egypt, whereas Libya will have recourse to million Egyptian workers to work in Libya. And I started to directly work with the existing minister of manpower to send the million workers to Libya.”

Alborai said that the official numbers of Arab Labor Organization (A.L.O) about the rates of unemployment in the Arab Countries are not accurate, as the unemployment rates in some regions reach 22%.

Meanwhile, the official numbers refer that about 700 thousands graduates enter Egyptian labor market annually. This means that savings new openings in a rapid way became more crucial matter for Egypt.

The expectations refer that growth rates of Egyptian economy will reach 1.8% during 2012 due to Jan25 revolution while the prior-revolution growth rates reached 5.1%.


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