EgyptAir Mulls Halting Flights To Osaka & Tokyo

EgyptAir Airlines said it studies halting all its flights to Japan’s Osaka and Tokyo seeking to curb the company’s losses incurred in 2012.

An official source from EgyptAir stated that there are some flights which drive the firm to incur massive losses as the government does not actually support the firm to operate the Osaka and Tokyo flights.

The source further added that this comes after Egypt’s Civil Aviation Minister Wael El-Maadawy has formed a committee to figure out the reasons behind EgyptAir’s losses in 2012 and to devise plans aiming to avoid incurring similar losses in the future as well as to restore the firm’s profitability. The committee has concluded that there are intentions of halting a number of flights to curb the ongoing losses EgyptAir incurs, the source noted