Egyptian band Bahiyya makes UK debut at Shubbak festival

Egyptian band Bahiyya has made their UK debut with a concert at Shubbak Festival in London on June 25th. The band has been performing in many venues across Egypt since their formation, with their Shubbak concert marking their UK debut.

“Bahiyya have marked their success in Egypt and beyond by reviving some of the greatest Arabic heritage and folk music, taking both a sarcastic and philosophical approach to their re-arrangements and interpretations… all with revolutionary relish and enthusiasm,” according to the concert’s promotion.

Bahiyya, which was formed in 2011, has been performing covers of classic songs by icons like Sayyed Darwish, Sheikh Imam, and Zakaria Ahmed, the band aims to revive classical masterworks of Arab music.

Shubbak has been the largest festival that presents various forms of contemporary Arab culture in the UK since its launch in 2011, showcasing many Arab performers that made their UK during the festival.

This year’s edition of the festival presents not only Arab artists from the Arab region but also those living in the UK.

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