Egyptian Exports To Japan Doubled In 2011

The value of Egyptian exports to Japanese market has increased by 100%, in the period between January and October 2011, as it recorded 689.4 million dollar, comparing with 347.1 for the same period in the previous year.

The report issued by the commercial representing office in Tokyo stated that the general increase in the Egyptian exports was caused by the increase in Egyptian exports of petroleum products and natural gas, as the exports of petrol and its products recorded an increase of 73% in 2011, comparing with previous year, and it recorded 160 million dollar.

Natural liquidated gas exports to Japanese market also recorded an increase of 123%, as it recorded 468 million dollar.

The report added that the relative increase in Egyptian exports of non-petroleum products has not matched the relative increase in the total exports, as in the time of recording 100% increase in the total exports, the non-petroleum exports percentage increased by just 55% to record 69.5 million dollar.

The report also declared that the non-petroleum exports were focused on cotton, iron, garments, vegetables, fruits, medical plants, aromatic oils.

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