Egyptian railways to replace fuel with hydrogen

Egypt welcomed on Saturday the vice president of the Africa, Middle East & Central Asia (AMECA) region of Alstom firm to present the company’s plans for the electrification of Egypt’s railways and use hydrogen instead of fuel.

Egyptian Minister of International Cooperation Rania al-Mashat held the meeting with AMECA’s vice president Andrew Deleone to explore cooperation opportunities and mainstream climate change considerations in transport infrastructure.

The meeting assured on the necessity of cooperation with the Arab Organization for Industrialization (AOI) and SEMEF factory to manufacture mobile units for the sixth metro line in Egypt, al-Mashat said in an official statement.

Deleone appreciated Egyptian government’s efforts, which facilitate the work for the development partners to provide financing for infrastructure projects especially in transportation and communications field.

al-Mashat noted that transportation sector receives 25 percent of the total funds provided to Egypt from the official developmental aids.

Egypt is implementing many national electric transportation projects, including the high-speed electric train that links between Egypt’s governorates, new cities, and industrial areas.

In addition to that the monorail project that connects the 6th of October City with the New Administrative Capital.

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