Egyptian trade minister takes part in Beirut’s Arab Economic Forum

Egyptian Trade Minister Tarek Qabil head Wednesday to Lebanon to participate in the 24th edition of the Arab Economic Forum that took place on 12th May, 2016 in Beirut.

The forum is organised under the patronage of the President of the Council of Ministers, Tammam Salam with the participation of Egyptian Minister of International Cooperation Sahr Nasr.

During their visit, Qabil and Nasr are set to meet senior Lebanese officials notably PM Tammam, Minister of Economy and Trade Alain Hakim, and Speaker of the Parliament of Lebanon Nabih Berri.

The Forum is expected to attract a large number of senior officials, business and finance leaders, banks, investment groups, and economists and experts from the Arab world and other countries.

It is set to discuss major challenges that face countries of the region and their economies as a result of the climate of political instability in some of these countries and the sharp decline in oil prices, and the impact of all this on economic growth, the investment climate and shrinking employment opportunities.