Egyptian Unified Procurement Authority signs cooperation deal with Arab Hospitals Federation

The Egyptian Unified Procurement Authority (UPA) has signed on Tuesday a cooperation protocol with the Arab Hospitals Federation (AHF).

The protocol is part of the UPA’s preparations to launch the upcoming edition of the Africa Health ExCon, which will take place in Cairo on June 7-10 under the auspices of Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi.

Bahaa El-Din Zidan, chairman of the UPA, has signed the protocol with Tawfik Khoja, secretary general of the AHF; and Ahmed El-Sobky, chairman of the General Authority of Healthcare (GAH).

“The protocol promotes our cooperation with the Arab Hospitals Federation to maximise Africa Health ExCon’s pivotal role in attracting new healthcare investments and bringing prominent global healthcare and pharmaceutical firms together to exchange expertise.” Zidan told reporters during the signing ceremony.

“The protocol will see the UPA and the AHF cooperate to launch another successful edition of Africa Health ExCon by inviting key gulf healthcare and pharmaceutical firms to participate in both the conference and the exhibition.”  “We aim to make Africa Health ExCon benefiting both African and Gulf countries.” Zidan added.

For his part, Tawfik Khoja, secretary general of the AHF, said the turnout would be greater during the next edition of Africa Health ExCon, expecting considerable participation of gulf and African companies in the event.

“Africa Health ExCon is a fundamental platform for exchanging expertise and views in the healthcare sector. It acts as an investment gateway and represents an ideal opportunity to size up the competition among key global firms operating in the African healthcare sector.” Khoja said.

Ahmed El-Sobky, chairman of the GAH, said the protocol is part of Egypt’s plans to exchange expertise in the healthcare sector with African and Arab countries.

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