Egypt’s 3 Mobile Operators Preparing For June 30 In Major Squares

The three mobile phone operators are preparing to strengthen mobile networks in the major squares during the expected demonstrations against President Mohamed Morsi, On Sunday June 30.

Mobile phone sources said it was preparing to increase the coverage in Tahrir square and Heliopolis Presidential Palace in Cairo and Qaid Ibrahim square in Alexandria .

The sources said the current preparations aim not to be affected on the telecom services in case of major gatherings stressing that cutting communication services in the expected demonstrations is out of the question.

An official source in the National Telecommunication Regulatory Authority (NTRA), said incase of  any natural disaster or environmental or in cases which will announce by the general mobilization and threaten the national security, the competent authorities have the rights to control all networks and telecom services.

The Minister emphasized in the previous statements that he will never permit to repeat what was happened during 25 January revolution in 30 June  such as cutting telecommunication and internet services.

Moreover, TE Data the internet service provider market leader in Egypt and a subsidiary of Telecom Egypt (ETEL.CA), has asserted that it is ready to make contingency plan in order to ensure providing the internet service within 30 June demonstrations.