Egypt’s Al Fanar Construction, Hassan Allam clinch deal for Toshka Project

Egypt’s Al Fanar Contracting, Construction, Trade, Import, and Export Co. said on Wednesday it has signed a deal with Hassan Allam to execute civil works in the South Valley Project (Toshka).

Under the 4.958 million Egyptian pounds ($311,250), the state-run construction firm Hassan Allam is responsible for executing and installing the irrigation works in the project.

New Valley Project or Toshka Project includes building a system of canals to carry water from Lake Nasser to irrigate part of the sandy wastes of the Western Desert of Egypt, which is part of the Sahara Desert.

In 1997, the Egyptian government decided to develop a new valley, where agricultural and industrial communities would develop. It has been an ambitious project that aims to help Egypt cope with its rapidly growing population.

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