Egypt’s Antiquities, Italian Uni To Sign Agreement To Fund Roman Museum

The Egyptian Minister of Antiquities Mohamed Ibrahim stated that the ministry is getting ready to sign an agreement with Italian University to finance The Graeco-Roman Museum of Alexandria.

During his meeting with the Italian ambassador in Cairo this morning, the minister added that the agreement will include building the museum, making up special studies and setting its final design.

The minister has mentioned that the ministry looked into the ways of enhancing the cooperation between the two countries in different fields of antiquities. Moreover, it discussed the possibility of preparing training courses in Egypt and Italy so that both countries can exchange experiences; specifically in the field managing the museums and historical locations.

Both Egyptian and Italian sides discussed the mechanisms of completing the Graeco-Roman Museum of Alexandria more and above developing some archaeological places like Sakkar area, Medinet Maadi in Fayyoum, and Gamalya Street in Cairo. This would be through Egypt’s dept swap program for the interest for Italy as well as importing Italian commodities program.