Egypt’s bill of importing natural gas hit $250m per month: El-Molla

Egypt’s bill of importing natural gas is estimated at around US$250 million per month, Egyptian Oil Minister Tarek El-Molla stated Sunday.

He added that the Egyptian government would continue importing natural gas until reaching self-sufficiency within the coming two years.
Expanding in importing natural gas within the last few years came to cover all needs of the local market notably electricity and industry sectors, the minster clarified.

El-Molla noted that the continuous explorations in different concession areas play an important role in discovering more gas wells and fields, thus, raising state’s production of natural gas.

As pursuant to government’s procedures of accelerating plans of developing gas discoveries, Egypt is expected to be self-sufficient by the end of 2018 and the beginning of 2019, Minister El-Molla noted, adding that during this period, Egypt would be able to cover gas needs of all sectors including; electricity, industry, houses, automotives, and petrochemical industries.