Egypt’s Border Security Busts 7 Tons Of Marijuana

The Egyptian border guard forces busted on Saturday seven tons of marijuana which were being smuggled in a truck coming from Sinai, official MENA news agency reported.

The border guards in Suez governorate managed to bust a truck carrying construction material with sacks of marijuana underneath while it was crossing Ahmed Hamdi Tunnel.

The security forces also arrested a 50-year-old smuggler responsible for the load and his 22-year-old son.

Smuggling marijuana and hashish have been prevailing in Egypt over the past two years due to deteriorating security following the 2011 upheaval that toppled the former regime of Hosni Mubarak.

Over the past few months, the police arrested tens of drug smugglers and seized acres of lands planted with marijuana.

In March, the police arrested three men in Qena governorate with around one ton of marijuana, and also seized a land planted with over two acres of marijuana in Assiut. In late May, a farmer in Gharbiya governorate was arrested for planting half acre of his land with marijuana.

In the beginning of June, the police arrested two people in Sharqiya governorate with 750 kg of marijuana in their possession.

Source : xinhuanet