Egypt’s customs tax of imported cars to fall by 80% next January

Head of Egypt’s Customs Authority Magdy Abdel Aziz said Sunday that the customs tax on cars, which currently stands at 135 percent, will be cut by 80 percent starting January 2018 for cars imported from countries included in the Agadir and EU agreements.

During an interview with TV host Tamer Amin on his show on the Al-Hayat channel, Aziz said that the car prices are expected to change by 10 percent as of early 2018.

Aziz explained that if the price of a car is 1 million Egyptian pounds, the tax as it currently stands, would be 1.35 million pounds, even if it is imported from a country not party to commercial agreements with Egypt.

Aziz explained that if you would import a car from a country included in the agreements, such as Germany or Italy, then the car, starting 2018, would only be subject to a 20 percent customs tax and be exempt from the remaining 80 percent.

Continuing with the 1 million pounds car example, he said that the tax would amount to 270,000 pounds and the total price of the car would be 1.27 million pounds. Source: Al-Masry Al-Youm