Egypt’s ECIC seeks road project mandates in Obour City next year

Egyptian Company for Integrated Contracting (ECIC) hopes to win a mandate to execute some road flagships in Obour City within 2018, its vice-chairman Mohamed Abdel Raouf Hussein said Thursday.

The projects are with costs estimated at more than 200 million Egyptian pounds ($11.3 million), Hussein further stated.

The company is carrying out a number of major road flagships in some different governorates, notably Port Said and Ismailia, he added.

“The company is implementing additional road projects in Siwa Oasis (560 km (348 miles) from Cairo,).” Hussein said.

ECIC is participating in the county’s new national road network works, executing 15km route in 30 June Axis project, with costs nearing 800 million pounds, the official said.

“The 15km will be delivered by mid next year,” Hussein said.

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