Egypt’s indices decline collectively on Thursday

Egyptian Stock Exchange (EGX) started the last week trading session with a collective decline of the indices, after it closed on Wednesday with a decline.

EGX30 index decreased by 0.65 percent to reach 9890.91 points and the EGX50 index fell by 0.28 percent to record 1890 points.

EGX30 weighted index shed by 0.41 percent to reach the level of 3115.07 points, while the Total Return index – EGX30 TR shrunk by 0.77 percent and 3995.37 points.

EGX70 EWI for medium and small companies declined by 0.77 percent to reach the level of 3995.37 points and the EGX100 EWI dropped at 0.23 percent to reach the level of 3115.45 points.

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