Egypt’s indices mixed on Monday’s closing

Egyptian Stock Exchange (EGX) ended the trading on Monday with mixed indicators for the third session in a row.

The main index EGX30 dropped by 0.68 percent to achieve 9827.8 points, while EGX50 EWI gained 0.37 percent to record 1902.88 and EGX100 EWI added 3176.32 points or 1.5 percent.

While EGX30 Capped decreased by 0.46 percent to close at 12145.57 points and EGX30 TR index fell by 0.60 percent to end the trading session at 3978.78 points.

EGX70 EWI index advanced by 1.56 percent to end the value at 2243.61 points, on the other hand S&P/EGX ESG shrunk by 3.07 percent to close at 1765.02 points.

Egyptian investors’ transactions that tended to buy which amounted 860 million Egyptian pounds, compared to selling about 750 million pounds.

While the Arabs’ sales transactions recorded 55 million pounds, compared to purchases by 37 million pounds.

Foreigners’ sales transactions scored 142.4 million pounds, compared to purchases by 50.4 million pounds, with a net amount of 91.9 million pounds.

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