Egypt’s MCIT: IT Enterprises’ Caps Worth EGP46.5 Bln

An official report issued by the Information and Communication Technology Ministry (MCIT) has revealed the increase of the operating companies’ capitals to reach EGP 46.557 billion in April 2013 in compared to 45.530 billion in 2012 with annually growth  rate 1.36%  and 0.08 % monthly rate.

The report has emphasized that the number of mobile phone users in Egypt has boosted to 94.32 million in April-end of 2013 with growth rate around 0.08%.

The report has emphasized that the mobile phone prevalence rate recorded 113.11 % in April 2013 declining with 0.09% monthly growth rate in compared to last March, registering higher prevalence rate in April 2012 at 0.47% annual growth rate worth 112.64%.

The report said the number of internet users reached 33.44 million with monthly growth rate 30%  and an increase of 10 in order to reach 33.44 million users with 8.2 %annually growth rate and the volume of internet prevalence reached 40.14% with 2.35% annually growth rate.

The report has explained that there is an annually growth rate of the internet users with 21.59% registering an increase from 1.92 million subscribers in April 2012 to 2.34 million in April 2013, moreover, the report has pointed out that the number of internet users via mobile phone reached 11.35 million with 76% monthly decline and 1.40% annually decline, while the number of usb modem subscribers reached 3.34 million subscribers registering 83% monthly growth rate and 16.31% annually growth rate.

Moreover, the report has asserted that the number of fixed mobile phone users reached 8.65 million with 57 % annually growth rate, explaining that the fixed prevalence rate is 10.56% with annual return rate 1.31%.

The report further added that the number of the companies operating in (ICT) sector reached 5309 companies by April-end  of 2013, achieving 13.17% increase.