IBM Egypt: Smart Phones Seize 50% Of Mobile Market Globally

Eng. Amr Talaat, General Manager of IBM Egypt, has asserted that the number of smart phones across the world reached around 2.3 billion, pointing out that the total number of mobile phones  in the globally  market reached around 5 billion, so the smart phones capture 50% from the mobile market.

Talaat added that the coming two years will witnessing 400% increase in the volume of global data on the internet to reach 8 bytes Zeta “GB 8 billion, noting that the volume of the current information reached 2.8 bytes zeta, according to the global statistics of the internet.

Talaat has emphasized to the need to relay on social networks to find marketing policies based on ‘big data’ obtained by the analysis of system through daily communication for users of social networks.

Moreover, Talaat has asserted the analysis of the vast information that is traded daily allows the marketing managers the “personalization of promotional advertising” to affiliated companies products , stressing the importance of taking benefits of the available information on the Internet to draw marketing strategies for local and international companies.