Egypt’s ministry of communications sponsors 2nd conference of financial leasing

Under the auspice of Egypt’s communications ministry, the second version of the leasing conference will kick off tomorrow in Cairo under the rubric “new visions for activating the leasing tools”.

The event will be attended by a number of bankers, investors, and high profile officials and with participation of bunch of local and international experts.

In one of its sessions, the conference will discuss the positive impact of financial leasing on small and medium-sized projects, notably working in the ICT sector which suffer the lack of suitable financing tools.

Egyptian stock market fails to offer help to such small and micro enterprises even after launching NILEX, a miniature market for financing SMEs in the Middle East and North Africa.

Here comes the importance of financial leasing as an effective non-banking financing solution that provides servers, latest technical solutions and reduces investment costs. This ensures a faster and easier expansion to small and micro tech companies into the ICT sector. Moreover, it will also enable tech SMEs to compete effectively on big tenders launched by the MCIT and other institutions involved in technological projects.

Over 500 executives of the leading tech companies will participate in the conference where they will discuss issues of competitive and financial sustainable development in financial leasing sector.

Financial leasing activities generated about 13.75 billion Egyptian pounds until August 2016, up 7 percent compared to 12.9 billion pounds registered in the same period a year ago.